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SAP Sucessfactor Recruiting + SF Onboarding 2.0 Job

Date:  Nov 23, 2022
Job Requisition Id:  51397
Job Category:  ERP

Hyderabad, TG, IN

Our SAP Service Line is currently looking for industry-leading seasoned SAP Sucessfactor RCM professionals with hands-on experience in Onboarding( ONB). The shortlisted candidate should have the ability to analyze technical needs and work with the customers to develop project scope of work documents and Project Plans.


You are required to have skills in the following areas


Job Description for Recruiting & Onboarding.


Job Requisition

Job Requisition form template with Mobile  configuration option

Job Posting Internally and Externally

Requisition Workflow configuration to support participation by multiple parties

Recruiting Dashboard

Candidate Application form template with workflow

Two Candidate Application Form templates

Candidate Selection Workflow to support candidate statuses and communication

Candidate Profile

Candidate Profile

Candidate(resume) Search

Interview Central

Interview Assessment, Stack Ranker, Interview Scheduling

Candidate portals

Multiple Candidate portals

Offer approval template

Talent Community

Job event template (Social Recruiting only)

Job event template

Job event application (Social Recruiting only)

Job event application

Job event application (Social Recruiting only)

Customer specific question library

Role based permissions

Agency portal setup             

Internal Career Site

Custom Customer question library (if content is provided in required file format)

Standard Reports and Analytics

Activate standard reports

SuccessFactors competency library



All available mobile features

Career Site Builder

Setup and activation of the Career Site Builder in TEST and PROD, including search engine optimization (SEO)

Setup of Candidate Account Simplification (Integration between CSB und RCM (Recruiting Management))

Setup of Real Time Sync Job (Synchronization between RCM und CSB)


Creation of two (2) Career Sites/Brands and up to five (5) main Category Pages (Access via Command Center), in addition up to ten (10) copies of main category sites with content adjustments

Development of two (2) Drafts of career pages based on customer requirements (for two brands)

Setup of responsive v3 Career Portal site for mobile clients

Setup of „Mobile Apply “– application optimized for mobile clients

Setup of social apply (Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing)



Necessary adoptions to Job Requisition templates (especially brand or location-based fields)

Setup Recruiter Single-Sign-On (Access to RMK (CSB) via RCM, e.g. RMK Dashboard)



Standard and Custom Forms can be added to collect Information or Signatures on any of the compliance or Non-Compliance forms.



Standard Forms available for India, US, Australia, Canada and UK

Any Number of custom forms can be added which are company and country specific

Notifications can be triggered to various departments, Teams informing the status of the candidate or to perform any activity.


Document center

Notifications can be triggered in multiple languages. So that the same notification can be triggered in Multiple languages to different teams staying in various locations.

Central storage for all the documents/forms submitted by the candidate which can be retrieved any time


Reporting Tool is available to build any set of reports.


Corporate structure

Reports to show how many candidates completed Post Hire Verifications step, New Employee Step and Orientation Step in the Provided Date Range.

Admin Reports to show how many users are assigned to various groups and roles.

Corporate Structure enables for filtering of the divisions, departments and locations etc. based on company selected.

Corporate structure


Used to control data entry by the Hiring team

Controls the Notifications by placing conditions based on Corporate structure

Access levels within the Onboarding controlled using security.

Permissions to various groups can be provided with the standard Roles existing in the system.

Pre-Day 1

Pre-engagement and new hire


Integration with RCM


New Hire Activities

Integration with SuccessFactors RCM helps to move the data from Recruiting system to Onboarding with no manual intervention

Integration with SuccessFactors EC helps to move the data from Onboarding to Employee Central which sends majority of data collected from Recruiting and Onboarding systems to Employee Central.

New Hire activities like Sending a welcome message, scheduling Meetings, furnishing equipment’s like PC, Laptop etc., Assigning Buddy using MDF New Hire Activities can be assigned to Hiring Manager.

Additional Points:

  • Presales skill will be added benefit
  • Good Presentation skills for giving Demos to customer or prospect
  • Multitasking
  • Customer Facing
  • Minimum of 4 implementations


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